Sunday, August 12, 2018

Reviewing A Mage's Power by Casey Wolfe

A Mage's Power (The Inquisition Trilogy #1) by Casey Wolfe 3*
BLURB: Built on the bones of an ancient city, modern-day Everstrand is where master mage, Rowan, has set up his enchantment shop. When not hanging out with his werewolf best friend, Caleb, or studying, he dabbles in herbology and the controversial practice of blood magic. A prodigy who has already earned two masters, Rowan’s bound and determined to reach the distinction of grandmaster, a mage who obtains a masters in all five Schools of Magic.

Shaw works for the Inquisition, the organization charged with policing the magical races collectively known as magicae. Recently, it has come under scrutiny as magicae begin to disappear and reports of violence increase. With secrets of his own on the line, Shaw is willing to risk everything to find out just what is going on behind all the locked doors.

When Rowan and Shaw are entangled in each other’s worlds, it becomes evident that their hearts are as much at risk as their lives. They must find the truth and stop a conspiracy before it’s too late

My Review: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I have mixed feelings about this book. Yes, it was a nice fantasy read with lots of worldbuilding and some really great characters but, unfortunately, it was slightly spoiled for me by the way the two MCs trusted each other after such a short time. It made their romance feel like a convenient hook to hang the rest of the action and plot onto. That aside I enjoyed both the action, the world and it's magic and, most of all, I loved the secondary character of Caleb. I recommend this book to you, as long as you don't mind instalove to push a story forward and love good fantasy involving mages and other magical creatures battling against dastardly villains. I enjoyed it enough that I will be looking for book two, once it's published, so that I can visit this world and it's magicae again.

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