Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Reviewing Past Sins by Thomas Grant Brusso

Past Sins by Thomas Grant Brusso 1*
BLURB: Officer Jack Ballinger receives a phone call from the chief of police in the early morning hours regarding a dead body at an apartment building in a quiet neighborhood in the small upstate New York town of Black Falls. A female student lies in a pentagram outlined in her own blood, clutching a rosary. Ballinger and his former partner Officer Cory Ryan interview tenants in the building about the girl’s death, but are met with more questions than answers.
When another body is found in the same apartment building a few hours later, Jack knows something is wrong. As he ciphers through a patchwork of unexplainable clues, the investigation detours when Ryan disappears from the case and cannot be found.
With his future as an officer in question, will Ballinger be able to deal with the truth of these crimes once he discovers everything he thought he knew was a lie?

My Review:I received a copy from Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review So after that blurb I was expecting to read a nice police procedural with an additional romantic story line. What I got was an apathetic attempt at both. I don't give spoilers so I can't tell you much about the romance except that I didn't feel it throughout the book and if it hadn't been tagged as an M/M Romance I wouldn't have even spotted it. And as for the police side of the story! That seemed a little bit rushed, and all the clues were easily spotted. I am notorious for being a bit dim at figuring out the culprit and I saw both who and why less than half way through. I think my biggest reaction to this was disappointment all round.
Normally I try and say something positive about now, such as 'try it for yourself' or 'you might like this one if you like...' but I'm afraid I just can't find it in my heart to be positive about any of this book. Sorry author dearest, I know you worked hard at the book but I think you need to go back to the beginning and see of you can put more heart into the romance and more mystery in the who done it.

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