Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Review of Protocol 7 (Arctica Trilogy) by Armen Gharabegian

Protocol 7 (Arctica Trilogy)by Armen Gharabegian 3*
BLURB: 2039: Simon Fitzpatrick, a brilliant Oxford professor, grieves over the recent and mysterious death of his father Oliver, who has disappeared in Antarctica. An unexpected friend from Simon’s past appears on his doorstep with an encrypted message from Oliver, leading him to believe his father may still be alive. Simon soon embarks on a mission which takes him half way around the world in search of his Father.
A recent quarantine of Antarctica by the United Nations makes his journey almost impossible and dangerous. Through this perilous journey to find his Father, Simon uncovers a conspiracy beyond his imagination; a revelation of global consequence and one of the greatest secrets ever kept.

My Review: This was a NetGalley Review copy Ever read a book that sounded as it it was edge of the seat exciting only for it to turn out to be like wading through the quagmire? Well that's what this book was like. There were some really good parts and the characters were all very interesting but it kept getting bogged down by unnecessary stuff.

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