Monday, May 20, 2013

Lots of short reads

I haven't been able to get into any long reads lately (too much going on in my life right now) so here are a list of some of the shorts I've indulged in with their ratings but no actual reviews.

TransShifter by Cindy Borgne 3*

Wolf Creek 1: Black Wolf by Jade Buchanan 4*

A New Beginning by Lexi Ander5* (Online Free read!)

Starting Fires by Lexi Ander 5* (Online Free read!)

I Was An Alien Cat Toy by Ann Somerville

Love Is Always Write Volume 5 by Various Authors 5*

Love is Always Write Volume 6 by Various Authors 5*

Forbid My Heart (A Luc And Rah Story) by Kayelle Allen 5*

Dirty Boys by Kyle Adams 4*

Sailor Boys by Anthony McDonald 3*

Viewing yet another place tomorrow for a possible move so maybe I'll be able to settle to some long reads after that!

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