Tuesday, July 07, 2015

My sincerest apologies

I have been most remiss in keeping up wit this blog of late. The main problems have been too may great short stories to read in the M/M Romance Groups - Don't Read in the Closet. This year the stories have been of really good quality and scope and downloads for most of them can be found here.

The secondary problem keeping me busy was my urge to finish the two Sophie's Universe blankets (one of which I now have a buyer for :D ).I have finished the first one and only have the border rows to do on the second and then, finally, I will be able to start my own monocolour burnt orange one. I have also (maybe foolishly) started another CAL using all my orange and yellow yarns to make a wrap for myself :D

Here are pics of the first three week's motifs for the Wrap CAL and the HOTH Sophie's Universe blanket :D

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