Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Characters from Tangling With Bears (by Lisa Oliver) open up and talk to us.

We dropped in on Lisa Oliver's Characters to ask an important question of them.

What things will you never do again?

“Hey guys, we’ve got another one of those interview thingy’s. You need to get out of bed so we can do this.”  Tobias had only got up for some coffee before he’d been sidetracked. He glanced at the sheet of paper and called out, “they want to know a list of things we’ll never do again.”

“I don’t see why we had to get out of bed to do anything,” Kurt grumbled stumbling into the room shirtless. That was a sight worth seeing and Tobias sighed into his coffee cup. Luke followed behind, surprisingly quiet for a change, but he picked up his coffee cup and grimaced when he saw there was only juice in it.

“No coffee for you little bear,” Kurt said, flipping a wink at Tobias.

“See that’s one thing right there, never give Luke coffee,” Tobias said, writing quickly.

“That’s not fair,” Luke protested. “I’m sure they mean cool and dangerous stuff like sky diving or rock climbing or stuff.”

“We can do all those things – we’re shifters, danger doesn’t bother us as a rule. But giving you coffee is dangerous stuff,” Kurt growled. “Add buying honey jars with metal lids to the list.”

“I only did that once.”

Tobias wrote quickly. He didn’t want to see Luke sulking.

“Riding a motorbike,” Kurt added. He shivered. “I never want to see my little bear flip like that again.”

“I don’t know if I can add that to the list. I ride all the time and it never bothers me,” Tobias said, chewing the end of his pen. He stopped. That wasn’t pleasant.

“So this is becoming more of a what Luke is never allowed to do again, rather than you guys.” Yep. Luke was huffy now and Tobias put down the pen and pulled the man into his arms. An angry Luke was never a pretty sight, and surely they’d done enough for the promotional tour.

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