Thursday, October 05, 2017

Tonight's second review - Beau Brown's The Manny Tames The Cowboy.

The Manny Tames the Cowboy (The Omegas of Sweet Water, Texas. Book 2) by Beau Brown 4*
BLURB: Maybe it’s something in the water.
Sweet Water, Texas—population 1378—possesses one of the highest percentages of Alphas and Omegas in the entire United States of America. Maybe it is something in the water, but boys get pregnant here. A lot. And regular folks have just kind of gotten used to it.
Omega, Hunter Thomas makes his living taking care of other people’s children. He adores kids, and would love to have a whole litter of his own, but he’s been mocked and ridiculed enough to know that won’t ever happen for him. No respectable alpha would ever want the son of a murderer to have his babies.
Alpha, Jake Windmire, is a widower with a five-year-old kid he doesn’t know what to do with. He loves his son, but he has no idea how to raise a child alone. He’s got a ranch to run and doesn’t have time for a kid too. When Hunter comes into his home to take care of Avery, Jake is resistant to the changes at first. This is a working ranch, not some damn daycare adventure park.
But as time passes, Jake begins to see his son blossom just by being around Hunter. And Jake also notices that he likes being around Hunter too. Maybe even a little too much.

My Review: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Even though this is book two in the series it is very much a stand alone read. I enjoyed the story, liked Hunter and Jake, and loved little Avery. What I could have done with more of, was the growth of the relationship between Hunter and Jake. It sometimes felt as if the narrative was missing bits as they went from boss and employee to friends then lovers. However the writing was done well and the lack of a few 'getting close' scenes wasn't all that bad in the long run. I liked it enough to go and buy book one (The Sheriff Surrenders by E.E. Wilde) and will be on the look out for any new ones that come out.

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