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Blog Tour, Giveaway and a Character Bio for Moro's Price by M. Crane Hana

Title:  Moro's Price
Author: M. Crane Hana
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: June 26
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Female, Male/Male
Length: 107,000
Science Fiction, aliens, 
abuse, captivity, 
abduction, dark, slave
Crown Prince, techno-geek, and secret sadomasochist Valier has lusted for years after the gorgeous gladiator called “The Diamond.” Meeting the escaped slave on a rooftop, Valier discovers Moro Dalgleish wants suicide before his former masters can reclaim him.
Infected with a deadly symbiont, Valier proposes empty sex to satisfy his urges and grant Moro’s release from a horrible life. Neither man plans for Moro to survive, or how the morning after will shake three empires to their foundations.
Moro’s Price
M. Crane Hana © 2017
All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1

A thousand spectators watched Jason Kee-DaSilva, the Leopard of Saba, ruin his career two minutes after his comeback victory.

The Golden Cage Arena spanned the top floor of a gaudy casino skyscraper in south Cedar-Saba. At the center of the domed auditorium, a thirty-foot circular steel floor slowly revolved to the right. An airy dome of gold-plated steel filigree mesh arched thirty feet over it. The mesh was stronger than a spaceship’s skin. Two gates led into the Cage. Once a fight began, they’d stay locked until one man lost and yielded to the other.

DaSilva had broken two men already tonight: two in credits, the last in flesh.

The deceptively delicate dome had just lifted from the bloodstained circular steel floor to let a cadre of medics through. Huge holo screens in the dome played highlights from the first rounds of battle or lingered over shots of the Leopard swiftly claiming his last victim. He hadn’t been brutal, merely thorough. The orgasm he’d wrung from the other man had been as much a symbol of victory as the final punch-down.

In better days, DaSilva had been a glorious bronze godling of the Cage, always dressed to show off his sleek muscles, dapple-bleached short hair, and the leopard-spot tattoos covering his shoulders and spine. He’d regained most of the muscle, though it was still pared down from illness. Haunted hollows showed around brown eyes, and his hair was growing out to plebian brown curls. His knee-length kilt was simple grayish-brown poly-silk, without Garibey Shemua colors or concentric teardrop pattern.

Now DaSilva looked up angrily, shrugging off the lackluster attentions of his own single hired attendant and the man’s low-budget medical kit. In place of DaSilva’s legendary anthem, a rights-free generic martial score rumbled in the background from expensive speaker systems.

In the first tier of seats behind the three red-clad referees, a bald man in Garibey Shemua’s purple and silver robes tapped studiously at the keyboard manifesting across his left sleeve. He glanced at DaSilva, as if just now noticing the fighter’s thunderous expression.

DaSilva glared at the Shemua official and then pointed toward the nearest speaker. “I paid, damn you. I wrote my anthem years ago!” he shouted, stepping aside to let the medics work on the other fighter.

“While you were under contract, Sero DaSilva. We’re happy to lease the rights back to you for single-use or month-to-month,” the bald man said with a mild tone, pitched to carry perfectly past the low music. The hovering audio drones made certain his words were broadcast over the whole arena.

“I paid yesterday.”

The Shemua official’s polite, calm expression never wavered. “Which was applied to last month’s fees. Which were in arrears, I’m afraid. It’s a new month. Your employment liaison should have told you to pay today, too.”

“My liaison went on a convenient fishing trip to Lariden Lake last night and couldn’t be reached. What the hell do you people even want?”

The Shemua official lifted a red metal collar from his right sleeve and waggled it in the air. The collar clasp glittered with purple enamel and white diamonds in Shemua’s concentric teardrop emblem. A concerted gasp came from the spectators who knew what it was: the Leopard’s Red-Band bonder’s collar he’d worn while being owned by Garibey Shemua.

“This can all work out for the best, Sero DaSilva, if you’d just see reason and come back.” Until the previous year, the Leopard of Saba had been one of Shemua’s feted, pampered bondslave fighters. Their star.

DaSilva stepped a pace backward.

The crowd moaned as one. Another onlooker began slowly, derisively clapping: a huge old man clad in a brilliant white suit, sprawled a dozen seats down from the referees. The camera drones focused on him, then longer on the silent, nearly naked man kneeling in front of him.

A buzz ran through the crowd.

“The Diamond.” A whisper from a few hundred hushed voices, as everyone was reminded of who else had watched every moment of DaSilva’s three comeback fights. The silent man’s black collar indicated a murderer or traitor under arena sentence. His odd black-and-white coloring marked him as a legend equal to the Leopard. Heavy cosmetics rimmed the man’s eyes, exaggerated his refined cheekbones, and shaped his lips into a courtesan’s scarlet smile.

Flinching at the sight of himself on the giant screens, the painted man lowered his head in a spill of long black curls and huddled against his master’s legs.

Everyone in the vast room saw how long the Leopard looked at the Diamond.
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Character Bio
Moro Dalgleish

Moro is a born courtesan with a killer body, a stern hero with an honor code the despair of his soulmate, and a family man who just wants to settle down with mates and children. The rest of the universe sees him as a savior, a whore, or a secret weapon.
Orphaned young on an egalitarian little farming planet, Moro fell in love with his two oldest friends:  Jost, the young male owner of the planet, and Demetra, a spitfire brunette whom both boys worshiped. Moro’s plans of offworld college  and marriage to Jost and Demetra were derailed when a wealthy tycoon decided to turn Moro into a weapon in a secret interstellar war.
Moro spent the next nine years in brutal slavery as a gladiator-whore in the infamous Arena system of indentured fighters, designed to break his spirit and hone his body. He believed he was earning money to free himself from a trumped-up murder sentence, but the tycoon still had plans. Fortunately, Moro met Val.
Moro stands about 6’1” by modern measurements. His body is strong and sinewy without being musclebound. He has very little body hair and extremely pale skin (compared to the mostly brown/tan humans around him.) Moro’s eyes appear large and dark, because his irises are as black as his pupils. His arena owner has made him grow his wavy black hair very long, down past his waist.
As a fighting slave, Moro’s many injuries were healed by high-tech medical gear so they didn’t detract from his hypnotic good looks. No human invention can fix his ears, which seem to have been cut straight across the tops at an early age. Moro has two other physical oddities…but you’ll have to read the book to learn more about them!
Moro begins to regain his core personality during his first adventures with Val. A bright, idealistic scholar and activist at one time, Moro’s sense of fair play has only been deepened by his slavery.  Given the freedom to choose, Moro doesn’t like empty sex: he has to build an emotional connection to his lovers. He’s bisexual, but given the awful fates of some female lovers, he’s gunshy about women now. Buried PTSD and dark family secrets make him doubt himself at the wrong times, allowing him to be emotionally manipulated by Val and less well-meaning people.
Meet the Author
M. Crane Hana lives in a flat place filled with cactus. She writes romances in all flavors, spends too much time world building her sword & planet fantasies and space operas, and makes museum-grade artifacts from cultures that never existed. Publishing credits: (as Marian Crane) ‘The Blood Orange Tree’, Such A Pretty Face anthology, Meisha-Merlin 2000. ‘Saints and Heroes’, Thrones of Desire anthology, Cleis Press 2012.
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