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Author: Beth Bolden
Title: Taste on My Tongue
Release Date: August 15th 2017
Genre: MM Contemporary Romance
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Almost pop-star Landon Patton has just turned a corner on the worst two years of his life: dropped by his label and dumped by his ungrateful ex-boyfriend. However, his new agent's brilliant plan for Landon's superstardom doesn’t have anything to do with his music – it’s called Kitchen Wars, and it’s the hottest new reality show on TV.
Landon wishes he could have nothing to do with it.
Since the first morning he mixed flour and water, Quentin Maxwell knew he wanted to be a baker. After becoming the pastry chef at a popular LA bakery, anyone else might be satisfied. But Quen wants to call his own shots. Going on Kitchen Wars to win the money for his own bakery seems like a huge risk, but maybe it's worth it.
They’re an unlikely pair. Landon can’t even figure out how to turn an oven on, while Quentin makes his living with one. But with each passing week on Kitchen Wars, they discover what a great team they make – on set, off set, and between the sheets.
Winning should be everything, but what happens when the tastiest pairing is their own?
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“Pick up the knife,” Quentin continues before Landon can interject and probably get them off on another long tangent that has everything to do with flirting and almost nothing with knife skills.

Landon could argue. But for once, he doesn’t. He picks up the knife. It’s what Quentin called a “chef’s knife,” earlier—a medium-ish size with a delicately and wickedly sharp curved blade.

Quentin moves behind him. Close behind him. Every molecule of Landon’s body perks up in interest.

“You’re gripping it way too tightly,” Quentin says quietly, air tickling the hairs that brush Landon’s neck. “Relax.”

Landon wants to tell him that it’s a little hard to relax when Quentin’s practically humping him against the prep counter. He might have yesterday, in a teasing lilting voice—but today, he keeps quiet and tries to do what Quentin says.

“Now, the carrot,” Quentin directs. “One inch slices. Go as slowly as you need to. Remember the rocking motion.”

Landon does remember the rocking motion. They’d practiced it without even chopping anything. But when there’s an actual physical vegetable under his blade, the feel is totally different and he can’t get it right.

“Slowly, slowly,” Quentin says firmly but gently. When Landon still doesn’t go slowly enough for him, he reaches his arms around Landon, neatly caging him in.

Breath stutters out of Landon’s lungs. He’s barely composed enough as it is, but Quentin invading his personal bubble like it doesn’t even exist is both the best and the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

“Slowly,” Quentin repeats, and the words churn sluggishly through Landon’s brain. It’s on Quentin overload right now. The way he feels all around Landon, his muscular arms and torso boxing him in, making Landon feel a bit smothered, but in all the best ways—protected and worshipped and beloved and wanted so damn much. The intoxicating smell of Quentin. Lemons and coconuts and a tiny hint of mint and rosemary. Landon wants to flip their bodies and push him back against the counter and eat him whole.

Quentin causes the strangest reaction in Landon. His heart is beating so quick, it practically flutters like a hummingbird in his chest, but Quentin’s also so warm that he relaxes Landon right down. It’s the oddest combination, but Landon wouldn’t trade it for anything. He never wants Quentin to move.

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When Landon walks into the studio for his first day of cooking bootcamp and sees his chef, he has to instantly revise every expectation. The man in front of him is all long lines, lean legs, and this sculpted torso that literally nobody that cooks for a living should have, all topped off by a wild curly mane that Landon’s fingers itch to touch, wide blue eyes, and a pair of lips that send his mind straight to the gutter.

It turns out there is most definitely a man out there that will interest Landon in learning to cook.

The topper is when Landon saunters over, eyes flicking over those long legs in tight jeans and the little glimpses of tattoos he sees through his mostly transparent white t-shirt, the man actually blushes.

“Landon Patton,” Landon says, extending a hand. “Unfortunately, it’s gonna be your miserable job to teach me to cook.”

The man flushes even pinker as he takes Landon’s hand. “Um, Quentin. Quentin Maxwell.”

For one rather breathless moment, they stare at each other, Quentin’s hand clasping Landon’s, his palm warm and soft and slightly damp with nerves, and Landon feels his heart start to beat faster. He feels almost breathless with the possibilities, and it’s hard to deny that Quentin looks equally blown away.

Quentin reluctantly releases his hand. “I’m a huge fan,” he adds. “Really, you should have won your season. Can’t believe you only got third place.”

Landon can definitely believe it. Third place was far better than he ever thought he’d end up. But you can say all you want about Landon—and many, many people have—he’s driven to succeed even when the cards are stacked against him.

So Landon just shrugs and leans back, all carelessly but purposefully arranged curves as he tries to figure out if the way Quentin’s fluttering his eyelashes at him means he’s actually interested in flirting or if this is just Quentin’s natural state of being.
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About the Author
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Beth Bolden lives in Portland, Oregon with her supportive husband and their beloved cat. She wholly believes in Keeping Portland Weird, but wishes she didn't have to make the yearly pilgrimage up to Seattle to watch her Boston Red Sox play baseball. She's a fan of fandoms, and spends too much of her free time on tumblr.
Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn't a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. She's published two novels, The Lucky Charm and Getting Lucky, and a short story, Eye of the Storm. Her next novel, Summer Attractions, will be released in August 2016.
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