Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Review of Wehr Wolff Castle by B. Bentley Summers

Wehr Wolff Castle (Wehr Wolff Chronicles #1) by B. Bentley Summers 4*
BLURB: During the rise of Nazi Germany, Hagen Messer joins the Royal Air Force as an American soldier who specializes in tracking. He’s attached to British commandos and given a seemingly simple mission—to find a captive and destroy a dam—but everything goes awry. Hagen’s plane crashes into Germany’s Wehr Forest and he has to use his extrasensory abilities to track the captive to nearby Wehr Wolff Castle, a secret Nazi base where vile experiments are being conducted.
Hagen and his surviving team members must sneak into the castle and devise a way to destroy the experimental labs creating diabolical creatures. Hagen is horrified to find Nazis and scientists with no scruples, and at the most inconvenient time, he learns that he may be in love with one of his teammates, an Irishman named Liam. In order to protect his love and his friends, Hagen must feign nonchalance amidst pure degeneracy and suspicion. Hagen soon discovers, though, that he is in over his head.
What may not only redeem him, but also save his lover and friends, is a childhood past and a darkness lurking deep inside him, just waiting to be engaged.

My Review: I was provided this free review copy from the publisher of the book. So what can I say? Actually quite a bit but I don't want to give away too many spoilers. Suffice to say it has mad scientists, Naziz, Werewolves (rather obviusly due to the title) and a castle full of secrets. If you've ever enjoyed books or movies of heroes fighting Nazis in WW2 but always wanted a paranormal twist to it, then you will find a very close approxiamtion in this book. That said, I do have a warning too, it is full of horror that seems to be based on real life torture of prisoners in Nazi Germany and the author doesn't whitewash a thing - it's brutal and gory and realistic but it is appropraite within the ocntext of the storyline and not over the top in that respect.

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